Tackling Lockdown and shifting to admin

This is a very trying time for all our WP Rugby members, but while we are all standing together to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus the WPRFU certainly remains active.

We have geared ourselves to work from home and will be spending much of our time working on the administrative matters of the Western Province Rugby Football Union.

We had several forum meetings prior to the lockdown confirming our fixtures and leagues and we are in the process of capturing these online so that we may be ready for full functionality when we come out of the current disaster. Capturing these fixtures without dates also allows us to understand the data around the projected season. This includes understanding the total number of anticipated matches and locations and thus we can understand the resources required when we come back to work. This season would have seen close on two thousand fixtures before reaching play-offs and sevens rugby.

The lockdown period requires an enormous commitment from our members and a shift in our activity. Our coaches continue to communicate with their teams and players and although we are not able to leave our homes our players do have their home-based exercise programmes and our coaches are getting electronic feedback from their teams.

In addition to our players who remain physically active at home, we have ensured our injured players continue with their rehabilitation programmes and these are also being monitored by the coaches and medical teams.

Over the next few days, we will begin reaching out to our administrative members to ensure we stay focused on non-field based activities. These activities will include matters of governance such as constitutions and financials and database updates.

We will also be looking at the WP Rugby Clubwise programme and do this in a digital format. The Clubwise programme is geared towards helping amateur club rugby structures manage and administrate their club infrastructure and matters of governance.

In addition to matters of governance, we will look back at the media and marketing components we have advised on for the past few years. This will include looking at the practice of sponsorship and media at club level.

To enable participation in the above we suggest our member’s set up their home digital and electronic platforms to communicate via email, Skype and Zoom.

Although we are facing a tough road ahead, we know that rugby is a sport that requires discipline and determination. This practice will now bear fruit as we know all our members will use these skills to help us tackle the spread of the Corona Virus.