Chat Zone guidelines
The intention of this forum is to promote WP Rugby. We encourage robust debate. We believe the ability and facility to interact with each other promotes awareness. This process includes the encouragement and promotion of those that are doing good work. The promotion of positive matters act as an inspiration to those that want the same for their clubs and communities.
Members of this forum are however binded to a simple set of rules which will allow them to participate. Hate mongering will not be tolerated. The concept of freedom of speech within our constitution must be understood. Your may not defame or slander anyone on this site, this is as illegal on this site as it is in public. Speculation or unfounded statements will not be tolerated. Opinion is welcome, but within the parameters of this forum.
In simple terms: (This is not censorship)
The following is not allowed:
·         Racism
·         Anti-religious statements
·         Slander
·         Defamation
·         Unfounded accusations
·         Swearing
Hate speech
Incitement to violence
·         Continued unfounded statements of negativity.
Any of the above could lead to the immediate suspension of members and the deletion of the topics within which they are posted. No discussion on the suspension will be entered into. Your username will be deleted and your IP address blocked.
We recommend that any complaints you might have be formally addressed with the WPRFU. The WPRFU can then investigate matters and make a formal statement.
The following is encouraged.
·         Promote your team, your club, your players.
·         Highlight positives
·         Discuss rugby matters so that they may form part of a constructive conversation.
·         This is a Club Rugby website with a club rugby forum. So talk about club rugby
·         Give advice on how to play good rugby
·         Give advice on how to improve your club and your community.
Help others understand WPRFU procedures.
Continuous negative sentiments reduce the positive impact of this forum. This ultimately leads to the disinvestment of community rugby. If we are going to encourage the investment into community rugby, then we need to highlight the positives and eradicate the negatives.
·         Make an attempt to understand the systems and procedures available.
In summary
We ask that you be part of the building process not the destructive process. The old expression applies. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.
We trust this explains the forum guidelines and that as a forum member you will contribute to the positive building of WP Rugby.