Rugby at work to be COVID ready and coaches course go 2.5

This week has been another interesting week for sport as we saw many sports codes begin work on their COVID readiness plans. Much of this after the announcement from the minister of sport that there will be a return to training for some segments of sport. This currently excludes club rugby.

At WP Rugby we are working behind the scenes to be COVID ready. This process unfolds with the guidance of SA Rugby who works with World Rugby. As with many international sport codes World Rugby has been working on the various return to play models.

The future of sport including rugby will see several components of health and safety practiced at all levels including club level. The return to play will see a level of compliance required as per government regulations. These protocols will have us considering all the aspects of training and competition to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Including but not limited to sanitisation of facilities, compliance applications, COVID education and much more.

At the WPRFU we have been implementing the required COVID readiness compliance protocols which sees compliance officers at all facilities. A similar model will most likely be required at club level. This could see that all events and venues will be required to be COVID compliant, with a preceding application process.

As part of their player welfare programme, World Rugby has been very pro-active in establishing useful tools to educate members. This includes an online COVID 19 Return to Play Awareness module for coaches, players and administrators. These courses are free and can be obtained here ( Click the link ). We encourage all players, coaches and administrators to do these online courses to not only educate themselves on COVID but also as preparation for our return to play model.

On the coaching side, we’re making further strides to empower our coaches as we now move to introduce a WP Rugby coaching level 2.5 course. This course under the guidance of Jerome Paarwater and Nazeem Adams is aimed at bridging the gap between the level two course and the World Rugby level three course. The courses will roll out in phases which see one league at a time starting mid June. The completion of the course will see selected coaches endorsed for the World Rugby level three application.

Even though the lockdown has blocked physical activity we’ve been pro-active in making sure the WP Rugby brand remains top of mind and have embraced the digital model. Fans are now able to participate in an EsportSA #3teams1city Super Challenge between the DHL Stormers, The Cape Cobra’s and Cape Town.

Over the course of eight weeks, FIFA ‘20 online qualifiers will be held on X-Box One and PlayStation 4, with the finals being hosted live at a Cape Town based venue. The DHL Stormers faithful can look forward to showing off their FIFA ‘20 skills against the likes of Scarra Ntubeni, Juarno Augustus, Jaco Coetzee, Daniel du Plessis and David Kriel.

Next week will see the launch of the African Bank Mobile bot. This WhatsApp based “bot” will provide for an easy online method to sign up for your African Bank “My World Account”. We will release the number to our members next week. In the meantime, you can open your “My World” account here.

We remind our members that even though we are now in level three of the national plan all protocols must be observed. The coronavirus will spread further if we do not do everything in our power to curb the spread. The basics to prevent transmission remains the best way to prevent the spread. This includes washing hands and doing so in the correct way. (To see a video on this click here.) You are reminded to wear your mask when and as required (Here is a video explaining the correct way,) and practice social distancing