Regional meetings and NGO partnerships rolling out

Last week saw the rollout of our first online regional meetings as we began our off-field activities for club structures to roll out our various administrative workshops.

We concluded online planning sessions with six of our zonal structures with a good turnout on the digital platform. These structures are different from the league structures and are based on residential and club locations. These segmented zones were originally structured to co-ordinate with zonal facilities managers which saw us hold physical meetings with our clubs based on their locations.

With the restriction on physical activity and the current suspension of club rugby play, the foreseeable future will see us engage weekly with a view to building capacity within our club structures. Our initial sessions will see workshops on media, marketing, sponsorship and lotto application support.

We understand that media is a vital component for the success of any sport structure and not only drives participation and sponsorship opportunity, but also keeps the members and fans engaged. In the media component, we will look at various forms of media such as mainstream media and social media, including popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram at club level.

As sponsorship and marketing go hand in hand we will look at various methods of acquiring sponsorship and methods to apply at club level in order to create a value proposition that our members can take to market.

The window period for Lotto applications is open and our clubs will need to get their applications in soon before the applications are saturated, as we are sure that there will be a lot of applications. As such we will be rolling out Lotto applications workshops with the various zones.

The rules of the game and referee recruitment remains one of our focal points and we remind our clubs to submit at least two nominees to join the referee’s society. These applicants names can be sent to additionally you can send an SMS with the word “referee” to 33090 and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

The laws of the game online course is easily available and free of charge on the world rugby website (click here to access)

We are aware that our clubs are heading towards their annual general meetings and that these meetings require updated constitutions and that constitutional inclusions or amendments take time and must be adopted at the AGM. The next few weeks will see us working with our clubs on constitutional policy matters to facilitate their process.

Many of our clubs have increased their social outreach initiatives and some have now included support structures for their players. These initiatives are welcomed and are a fantastic way for clubs to show their value to members over and above physical activity. Many people are struggling under the current economic conditions and these club to player support initiatives go a long way towards reducing the burden on some of our members. Please keep us informed of your outreach projects by sending an email to

We have partnered with United Way, a global NPO who made available food parcels. Clubs have been sent a communication on the procedure to qualify and the handover of the food parcels will take place on Saturday, 15 August 2020 at DHL Newlands Stadium. Each club will have a designated champion to collect the food parcels on behalf of their beneficiaries. We look forward to clubs sending queries on applications to