Online fitness and referee recruitment continues

The coronavirus continues to threaten the planet and in South Africa, we remain under phased health and safety measures implemented by the government. We are currently in phase four with a potential return of some sporting activities currently indicated in phase one.

We know our members are chomping at the bit to get back on the field but for now, we will continue to support the protocols and observe all rules and regulations as instructed.

Even though these are difficult times we have noticed that our members remain positive and continue to be innovative in their approach to dealing with the lockdown. Several clubs have remained active as instructed by their coaches, which includes home training and feedback to the coaches on activities and in some cases weight management.

In addition to the issued strength and fitness programmes, some are now doing online fitness classes as we see the growth of this on Facebook, YouTube and various streaming tools.

The current landscape has fast-tracked most of us into the digital era and many are now working from home, we have embraced this model and continue to do rugby administration albeit now via an electronic medium.

Our DHL Stormers have not only remained physically active but also regarding their sponsor obligations as we have both our players and coaches making videos on training, playing, coaching and some personal videos. These are shared to the fans via our Stormers TV channel on YouTube and Facebook. These engagements have allowed the fans to get a bit closer to the players as we see many of them filming from home and giving personal messages of support. You can watch Stormers TV here

We remind our clubs that the referee recruitment programme continues as we seek to fulfil our obligation to the referee’s society to provide referees. We have a shortfall in the number of referees and humbly request your support in providing the office with the names of at least two standby referee’s.

With your support, we can address your concerns and achieve our goals in providing quality match officials to all our club matches.

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