Finals at City Park and The Score Sevens Rugby back in action

It’s an exciting few weeks ahead for WP Rugby, with finals at City Park and The Score Sevens Rugby back in action.

This weekend sees the knockout finals in the Paarl Region, with Young Gardens 2 up against Riverstones 2 and Young Standards Paarl Rangers 2 for second teams. Meanwhile, in the first teams, we see Young Standards versus Lower Paarl and Young Gardens taking on Paarl Rangers.

There is no doubt that the match between Young Gardens and Paarl Rangers will be a humdinger. This year has already seen Young Gardens winning the Paarl League, and last week, Paarl Rangers took the spoils in the Gardens’ seventy-five-year celebration. All these matches are taking place at the Faure Stadium from 13:00 to the last match at 17:00.

Our members will also be thrilled to know that the annual Score WP Club Rugby Sevens is on track for yet another spectacular sequence of sevens rugby next month. As before, we already see a number of teams signed up for the series, which will play out over several weeks.

The annual Score Sevens is the ideal opportunity for our clubs that ordinarily do not play against each other in the various leagues to rub shoulders. Every year, we see a display of spectacular sevens rugby, as many of our clubs have now become specialists in the format of sevens rugby.

This weekend sees us host yet another World Rugby Level One coaching course, with an abundance of new coaches enrolled. The Level One coaching course is the ideal way to get into rugby, and we strongly encourage our members to use the coach’s course opportunities to their advantage to bolster their coaching structures.

Our next World Rugby Level One course is on 18 November 2023, exclusively for women, as we continue our focus on growing the game for women, and thereafter on 8 December 2023. Our next course is the World Rugby Level 2 Sevens coaching course on 27/28 October 2023, and considering the current Sevens Rugby fever, now is a good time to get started.

On a final note, our DHL U21 WP Rugby side plays in the SA U21 Cup finals against the Lions U21 side at City Park this Saturday. Kick-off is at 13:00, and all fans, members, and friends are welcome.