Clubs getting creative and Admin a priority

We remain under level three restrictions in South Africa and sport in the majority must wait a little longer. Currently sports federations are submitting their sport plans for approval and this will hopefully bring some good news. At present, the guidelines are only indicated for professional non-contact sport which off course excludes rugby.

At a local level, we stay focussed on ensuring we are ready for training or play when the time arrives. Preparing to return to play includes many facets, not only do we need to be COVID ready, but we also have to return stronger than before administratively, technically and in relation to the value we offer our members.

We have been hard at work with return to play planning and are fortunate to have the guidance of SA Rugby and World Rugby. These guidelines offer tremendous value at local level and will assist clubs with a good understanding of what is required at club level.

Administratively our clubs and coaches continue to improve their skills as we see clubs working on their structures behind the scenes. We have noticed that many clubs have deployed additional hands at their clubs to assist with matters such as player management and commercial portfolios. These are fantastic initiatives which lend itself to the spirit of volunteerism, which sees more hands on deck at club level and allows for specific expertise and focussed delivery. This is an important factor for the growth of WP Club Rugby as far too often the burden of work falls to one person.

On the coaching front, our WP Rugby level 2.5 course under the guidance of Jerome Paarwater and Nazeem Adams is gaining momentum. The initial wave of coaches on the course have included several weekly training sessions with the most recent being on how to prepare and present in the digital era. This session was particularly important for coaches as we see more online training. The skills of a coach in the future will certainly be very different from the coach of the past.

The matter of funding remains a priority and as such we remind our clubs to get their paperwork in order so that they may have an easier road when doing Lotto applications. We will shortly begin online sessions with our clubs to help them with the Lotto applications forms. In addition, we will shortly be hosting online sessions on media, marketing and sponsorship at club level.

From a members value add perspective we are happy to see that our clubs continue to engage with their members, much still via WhatsApp and Facebook. The engagements ranging from sharing training programmes to player videos and now we even see some online quiz shows. The quiz shows have been great fun as clubs look at best tries and amongst others some favourite moments.

The ball is now rolling with our partner African Bank, which has seen the rollout of their WhatsApp BOT. We are giving away a signed DHL Stormers Rugby ball weekly to one lucky winner who signs up for any of the African Bank services. The winners will go in the draw to win a signed DHL Stormers Rugby jersey.

The process is very easy, simply send, on WhatsApp the word “Hi” to 060 094 2028.