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Score WPRFU sevens dream day final day results

Score WPRFU sevens dream day final day results

The Score WP Club Rugby Sevens rolled into its final day on Saturday, with more than twenty two teams represented.
After six weeks of intense sevens rugby, which saw forty four teams with more than 1000 players take to the field the final top sixteen played out last week. This then saw the selection of the final two dream teams to play against the toe official WP Rugby Sevens sides and over all tournament winners St Georges on the final day this past Saturday.

Due to unforseen circumstances the Blizboks withdrew, but this did nothing to dampen the spirits of the Dream Team players who then played together for the first time. As with all rugby it takes a few games to find the rhythm, but by the end of the first games the Dream Teams started to find their groove. Both Dream Teams managed wins over tournament champions St Georges but came up short against the well drilled WP Sevens sides.

Overall results as follows.

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